Christmas Naught and Nice List



Naughty things to do this Christmas:

  • Instead of wrapping Christmas presents on the floor, use the dining room table or kitchen work top.  This way you can stay in an upright posture and avoid excessive pressure to your low back and hips.
  • Watching too much TV!  Rather than spending hours slouching on the sofa why not get active with a family game of charades.

  • Christmas decorations can be tricky business.  Twisting and bending in awkward positions whilst up a ladder can be a recipe for disaster.  Avoid holding too much weight overhead and most importantly, get a helper!


Nice things to do this Christmas: 

  • Move regularly - on those cold winter days the last thing we feel like doing is going out for a walk.  But remember, staying mobile helps to keep your back healthy! Wrap up warm and try to walk for 30 minutes every day.  That cup of tea in front of the fire will taste so much better afterwards!

  • Beware of the ice!  With a snowy winter forecast, ice is inevitable. Take real care when walking on icy ground, wear good shoes to avoid slips and falls. If you are unlucky enough to take a tumble, make sure you get your back checked by your clinician to avoid any flare ups.  Remember, flip flops may be cool for the pool but they are a no-go in the snow. 

  • Spending hours in the car and sleeping in spare beds is not ideal for your back or neck.  When travelling, ensure you take regular breaks to stretch your legs and move your body.  If you are staying away, take your own pillow to avoid unwanted stress on your neck.

  • Wrap up warm - allowing yourself to get cold and shivery will cause tightness in your muscles, having that extra layer will stop you tensing up when out and about.

  • Icing - many of you would have been advised by your clinicians to use an ice pack. Even though it's cold outside, this is still beneficial for decreasing inflammation so we encourage you to keep up this good habit!



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