Osteoarthritis - Care and Management in Adults

Osteoarthritis: care and management in adults

 Osteoarthritis - Royal College of Chiropractors

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has released an updated guideline on the management of osteoarthritis, entitled Osteoarthritis: care and management in adults (CG177). This guideline looks at the diagnosis and management of people with osteoarthritis and makes key recommendations that are relevant to the way that chiropractors manage their patients.


The guideline recommends that health professionals use an “holistic approach to osteoarthritis assessment and management” and that all patients with clinical osteoarthritis are offered the following core treatments:

  • Access to appropriate information
  • Activity and exercise
  • Interventions to achieve weight loss if the person is overweight.


The recommendations for exercise suggest local muscle strengthening and aerobic fitness irrespective of age, co-morbidity, pain severity or disability. Additionally, it is recommended that manipulation and stretching should be considered as an adjunct to core treatments, particularly for osteoarthritis of the hip.


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